Briton Athletes, Coaches Provide Golf Clinic

More than 50 children joined the Albion College men’s and women’s golf teams March 23 to learn the proper technique and terminology necessary to play the sport. There was much excitement in the Dow Center’s Bernard T. Fieldhouse as children of all ages hit golf balls into multiple holes set up around the facility. Two Special Olympic athletes from Area 19 participated as well. 

Candace Myers, a sophomore member of the women’s golf team from Fraser, said of the clinic, “I was really looking forward to the golf clinic this year, because I helped last year and had a blast. This year turned out being even more fun because we had more kids that were excited and ready to learn the basics of golf. I worked with the kids on their long drives. We had a ton of fun, we were able to show them the proper way to grip the club and the proper stance. We had some super awesome drives. The best part about the clinic though was seeing the kids' faces after they hit the ball, there was a look of excitement and joy. It was fun working with the kids. After all there is nothing better than teaching little kids about the game you love.”

Registrations are still being accepted for the April 20 football clinic. There is a waiting list for all other clinics. Contact Melissa Walton, via e-mail at or phone at 517/629-0593, to register or to put your child's name on the waiting list.