The Team, The Team, The Team

The Team, The Team, The Team

KENOSHA, Wis. – Sophomore Gerardo Huidobro may not know about former University of Michigan football coach Bo Schembechler's exhortation about the team effort it would take to win the Big Ten Conference.

Albion College swimming coach Jake Taber says Huidobro's remarkable investment in the team paid off Friday when he broke school records and achieved NCAA Division III Championship 'B' qualifying times in the breaststroke events during the Carthage Classic.

Huidobro completed the 200-yard event in 2:05.03 to edge teammate Tyler Kimbrell by six tenths of a second. Huidobro, who also swam to first place in the 1,650 freestyle, took care of the 100-yard record in a time trial.

"Gerardo's understanding of the concept of team has come so far in a year," Taber said. "He was gracious in breaking the 100 record, and he's hopeful a teammate can go lower tomorrow."

Alec Nyboer, a first-year swimmer from Hamilton, Mich., was first to finish the 100 butterfly. Nate Kozycki, the defending Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association champion in the event, settled for fourth place after his goggles filled at the start.

Kozycki helped Albion to first place in the 800 free (with Matt Anderson, Derek Bosko, and Sebastian Tostado) and 400 medley (with Tostado, Tyler Kimbrell and Bosko) relay events.

Bosko and Tostado were the top two in the 100 freestyle.

"The men and women are swimming well," Taber said. "Really good things are happening from the depth we have in training."