Volleyball Sets an Example for Local Kids in Clinic

Volleyball Sets an Example for Local Kids in Clinic

With a full 80 kids from 4-11 years old in attendance for the SAAC sponsored free volleyball clinic, Albion College volleyball players got the opportunity to get back in touch with the joy of playing.

Using lower than standard nets and lighter balls, the Albion women's volleyball players were able to teach fundamentals of volleyball to the eager crowd. Included were some honored guests from the local Special Olympics volleyball team, who has worked closely with the Albion women's volleyball team for several years.

"Having the SAAC clinic is something the team gets really excited about having every year. We love getting to share our love and passion for volleyball with kids. Working the clinic the past three years has been truly a blessing. Being able to see the impact these clinics have on the community and kids is something I am beyond thankful I had the opportunity to participate in." said Northville, Mich. junior Rachel Zawodny.

By breaking down the large group into five separate stations, including passing, setting, serving, attacking, and game play, the student-athletes were able to keep each group focused on learning or honing new skills without it getting boring. The team also played a short scrimmage to demonstrate what play looks like at the collegiate level.

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