Adams reflects on NCAA Career in Sports Forum

Adams reflects on NCAA Career in Sports Forum

Angela Adams spent her junior year at Albion College exploring career options that may be of interest.

She interned with the Urban League of Philadelphia during the spring semester, and most recently, was one of more than 230 student-athletes to participate in the NCAA Career in Sports Forum in at the organization's national office in Indianapolis.

"I didn't know I wanted to pursue a career in sports – I never knew what I was missing," Adams, a White Lake, Mich., product who is a student in Albion's Carl A. Gerstacker Institute for Business and Management and plays as a defensive specialist for the volleyball team, said. "I know I have a passion for athletics and the experiential learning and networking opportunities I've had in the past year have provided me with a clearer vision of my goals and aspirations."

The forum provides the student-athletes interactive experiences with successful individuals in the sports business and a peek into their day-to-day responsibilities.

Adams said she respects the relationships she has developed with her coaches and administrators throughout her career as a student-athlete and she hopes to extend those to the next generation.

"I plan to use the contacts I made at the Forum to research roles that interest me," Adams said, noting she is looking forward to working with Melissa Walton, Albion's senior associate athletic director and senior women's administrator, in the upcoming academic year. "I was inspired by the story of Jackie Paquette, the senior women's administrator at the University of Indianapolis. She spoke about all of the things I love about athletics and emphasized that in her role she has the ability to be a positive role model to women and student athletes on her campus."

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