Ready to serve the country

Ready to serve the country

While some members of the Albion College class of 2018 go on to careers in business and others advance to professional programs in law or medicine, Jack Wyman will begin serving his country.

The Britons baseball first baseman, pitcher and designated hitter, who has split his time between Albion and the Reserve Officer Training Corps at Western Michigan University, will report to Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri in May to begin a four-month course that will get him started on the path to become a military policeman.

"It's called the Military Police Basic Officer Leadership Course. ROTC has been the basic leadership stuff and then the summer will be specific to military police, where I will learn the ins and outs of military policing," Wyman said, noting that he will be assigned to Fort Lewis near Tacoma, Wash., after the leadership course.

"I didn't know this is where I would end up when I came to Albion as a first-year student, but everything that has happened has prepared me well," he added. "Four years ago, I didn't really know – I kind of wanted to play baseball and I kind of wanted to join the Army. Then I got here and realized I really enjoyed playing baseball and still didn't know if I wanted to join the Army. Then I decided (the Army) was something I wanted to do and do it while I was still in the best shape of my life, when I was young and could give it my all."

Wyman said he hopes a start in military policing will lead to other opportunities in the law enforcement field, including investigation.

"Seeing police officers and military personnel when I was younger, I realized when I was young there were only two types of people who could make a whole stadium stand up," Wyman said. "That's a professional athlete and someone who serves their country. That always stood out to me and something I reflect on when people ask me what made me go this path.

"Military policing is a really cool way to do a lot of different things in the military, and have things I can use when I get out," he added. "If I had to write a 10-yard plan right now it would hopefully be something in the FBI or criminal investigation. Everything in the law enforcement field interests me."