Britons Fall A Point Short

Britons Fall A Point Short

ALBION, Mich. – Albion College lost non-league matches to Wittenberg University, 9-0, and Greenville College, 5-4, Saturday.

Albion seized a 3-0 lead by sweeping the doubles matches from Greenville, but it lost five of the six singles matches. Nick Kinachtchouk produced Albion's point in singles, pulling out a tie-breaker to decide the No. 4 match after he tied Austin Burkhart at a set apiece.

Albion had two chances to win another singles match that would have given it the overall victory. Israel Trevino and Josh McGarry were unable to pull out tie breakers that decided those matches.

In doubles, Kinachtchouk and Zach McKenzie and Alexander Dow and McGarry earned 8-4 vicories. Trevino and Toma Shngoo gained a 8-0 victory.

Albion's next home match is a Feb. 18 date with Otterbein University.